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Home Inspectors and Realtors – How the Relationship Works, by Allspect Home Inspections

Since the inception of the home inspection industry, the relationship between realtors and home inspectors has been a hot topic. As a home inspector, I feel it is appropriate to address these views and define what I consider to be the proper home inspector/realtor relationship.

When I began my career as a home inspector and started receiving referrals from realtors, I asked myself, “Do referrals from realtors create some type of bias?” The answer to this question, at least in my business, is absolutely not. In my home inspection business, the relationship I have with real estate agents is based solely on professionalism. While the highest compliment I can receive is a real estate agent’s referral, my process of inspecting a home is always conducted with complete neutrality. All inspections are conducted professionally, and exactly the same, each and every time. As a licensed home inspector in Chattanooga, TN., I always conduct my job with the utmost honesty, integrity, and professionalism.

As a licensed home inspector, I am building strong, professional partnerships with real estate agents. As a knowledgeable, professional home inspector, realtors find me to be an asset and not a liability to their businesses. Of course, everyone has a business and everyone wants to be as successful as possible. By holding myself to the highest of ethics in my professional obligations, both homebuyers and realtors ultimately benefit in the long run from my services.

For realtors, the longer your clients remain happy with your services, the greater the possibility you will have to attract new clients. By performing the most thorough home inspection I possibly can, I protect everyone’s best interests. If you are a realtor and you need a professional, honest, and ethical, licensed home inspector, please call Allspect Home Inspections at 423-521-5150.

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