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Standard Full Home Inspection for Buyers and Sellers

Buying or selling a home? 


Before you buy, have an independent 3rd party inspector perform your home inspection.  A home inspection is a full property condition assessment.  It can save you hundreds to thousands of dollars in expensive unforeseen problems after you move in.

Homeowner’s Full Property Condition Evaluation

Already own your home?


You still need to have it inspected.  We find problems now that could save you hundreds or thousands of dollars should the problem go unnoticed for a longer period of time.  

Investor Inspection

Let us be your eyes! 


We speak the investors’ language.  We understand it’s not always about the condition but the numbers.  You need an inspector who can adopt an investor ’s perspective.  We still provide a rigorous inspection with photos, video, and narrative but focus less on the minor details such as cosmetic deficiencies. 


Ask about our 5-point, major system inspection which includes evaluation of roofs, plumbing, HVAC, electrical and foundation only.

11 Month Warranty Full Home Inspections

For buyers of new homes still covered by the builder’s warranty.


It is imperative that you have your new home inspected prior to the expiry of your builder's warranty, or you may be left paying for expensive repairs.  New homes can have just as many problems as an older home - in some cases even more.   Do not make the mistake of thinking your new home is defect-free. 


Call us today and schedule your 11-Month Builder’s Warranty Inspection.  

Aging-In-Place Full Home Inspection

This is a full inspection that evaluates the home for safety and comfort, taking into account the new difficulties you may encounter over the next 5, 10, 20 years or more.


The scope of an aging-in-place home inspection, in addition to a complete inspection is to recommend modifications that make the goal of independent living a reality.

Landlord Rental Property Inspections

This involves periodically reviewing the property inside and out to assess the condition of the property.


A rental property inspection is often conducted while the tenant is present so they can address any concerns directly to the inspector. 

Foundation/Structural Inspection

We will inspect the foundation for conspicuous faults such as cracks or water seepage in the foundation. 


We inspect for visible rotation, leaning and settlement of foundation walls, piers and footings and foundation sliding.  If further evaluation is necessary we will recommend a foundation engineer.

Electrical Inspection

We will inspect the service drop, meter and base, entrance conductors, main service disconnect, panel-boards, and over-current protection devices, grounding and bonding, a representative number of switches, lighting fixtures, and receptacles, including GFCI and AFCI’s, and for the presence of smoke and carbon-monoxide detectors. 

Sellers Pre-Listing Inspection

Pre-listing inspections are becoming more and more popular among sellers in the Chattanooga market for several reasons.


A pre-listing home inspection gives you a better picture of the condition of your house and any unforeseen problems that can hinder the sale.  It also gives you a chance to address any larger problems before you present it to the market and will also be beneficial in helping you accurately price your property.    

Frequently Asked Questions

What determines if my house passes or fails the home inspection?

The short answer is, you make the determination. 


Your home inspection is not an appraisal, which determines market value. It is not a municipal inspection, which verifies local code compliance. We will not pass or fail a house, but rather describe its physical condition and indicate what components and systems will need minor or major repair or replacement.  It is for the purpose of informing you of any deficiencies in your house and making recommendations that you might deal with them accordingly to avoid compounding problems and expenses.

Is the seller entitled to home inspection report?

Not usually.


As the buyer, you're the one paying for the inspection. So the report is your property. The only thing the seller gets is your repair request (if you make one).

Can I/Should I be at the home inspection? 

A home inspection isn't required but recommended.


Without an inspection, buyers could potentially purchase a home that needs significant repairs.  Some of our clients feel it’s unnecessary to be present at the inspection.  Our reports are extremely thorough and we will walk you through the report with any questions you may have.  However, we do encourage our clients to be present at least for a final walkthrough for their own peace of mind and to address any questions or concerns in person and on-site. 

What will fail a home inspection?

  • Roofing issues: leaks, missing shingles, full replacement needs

  • Electrical: not up to code, frayed wiring

  • Plumbing: leaking pipes, too small pipes, failing/non-working water heaters

  • Foundation problems: cracked or sinking, which can lead to flooded basements/crawl spaces

  • Termite damage

  • Mold issues

  • Windows and/or doors that leak, stick, don't open, or are broken

  • Chimney damage

  • Presence of asbestos (which can increase the risk of developing pulmonary fibrosis) or lead paint

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